Cronin Pinwheel

The Dermatome Testing Standard

Cronin Pinwheel

Dermatome Testing and Peripheral Nerve Assessment Instrument

Developed as an alternative to other medical pinwheel testers our system allows for accurate and consistent neurological testing while lessening the possibility of blood borne pathogens being transmitted from patient to patient. Our instrument is far superior to, and much more accurate than other make-shift examination implements (paper clips, pens, safety pins, toothpicks, etc.). 

The weighted reusable handle provides a functional weight which allows the physician to conduct tests without the need to apply additional force to elicit a response. This mentioned procedure that is not possible with light weight all-plastic disposable pinwheel testers. Since only the pinwheel is disposed of after the test the Cronin Pinwheel system is the least expensive neurological pinwheel tester on the market today.

The design gives the instrument the same functional feel and weight of the classic Wartenburg medical pinwheel tester.


Greatly reduces the potential for cross contamination of HIV, Hepatitis, and other various blood borne pathogens. For the physician who is concerned for the safety of their patients and staff, the Cronin Pinwheel system provides safety and security through disposability.


The Cronin Pinwheel is the least expensive Disposable Medical/Neurological Pinwheel on the market today.

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Design & Engineering

The Cronin Pinwheel System™ is a professional dermatome test instrument that reflects a design that is sensitive to the prevalence of blood borne pathogens in today’s clinical environment. The design also gives the instrument superior quality of feel with a weight and balance that makes other “makeshift” examination implements (paper clips, pens, safety pins, toothpicks, etc.) appear crude and obsolete. The Cronin Pinwheel System™ is a professional instrument that retains the functional weight for the traditional test procedure. It is designed with a balance that yields an optimal pivot point. When grasped between the thumb and middle finger, the balance allows for the force necessary to conduct the proper test procedure without fear of puncturing the skin. This instrument is truly the Standard for Dermatome testing and Peripheral nerve assessment

Made in USA

Patented Two Component System

  1. Disposable plastic test heads made of quality plastic with a shrouded pinwheel. Each test head is individually packaged in a perforated plastic bag for easy application.

  2. The weighted Reusable Handle is made of Stainless Steel for a lifetime of use and, like the Wartenberg Pinwheel, retains the functional weight needed for the traditional test.
Cronin Pinwheel parts

When the perforation is removed, the coupling projections of the test head are revealed. These projections are inserted into the receptacle of the weighted reusable handle and the test head is removed from the packet. After the test is completed, the test head is manually ejected into a suitable waste container by depressing the the ejector button at the end of the reusable handle. The physician need never contact the test head.

Accurate and Consistent Results

Reproducible test results are assured with the weighted reusable handle. The instrument alone provides necessary weight to achieve accurate, consistent, reproducible results during the test procedure. With the Weighted Reusable Handle, there is no need for the physician to apply additional force during the test procedure.

Cronin Pinwheel System - Hand Holding

About Us

The Cronin Pinwheel System was developed by Dr. Gary L. Cronin. Dr. Cronin is a graduate of Northwestern Health Science University. While attending a seminar for certification on determining impairment ratings it was mentioned that it was not appropriate to use the traditional all metal pinwheels in the contemporary clinic environment. Since the instruments were not sterilized after each use, it was possible to transmit blood borne pathogens from patient to patient.

With this in mind Dr. Cronin went to work developing a disposable system with similar characteristics to the traditional Wartenberg pinwheel. Since weight is an issue with the test instrument, he developed a two piece instrument using a stainless steel handle with disposable test heads. Similar to the Wartenburg Pinwheel the system provides functional weight to achieve the reproducible results in assessing dermatome integrity during the physical examination while providing disposability.


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